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Sri Lanka - Ramayana Trail


Day 01 Arrival in Sri Lankan & you will meet by representative for assistance and transfers to Negombo.
* Negombo- a famous fishing village North of Colombo, with a Dutch built Canal. The canal itself is a hive of activity with fishermen traveling up and down in their gaily-painted boats. On the shores of the canal you will find many homes and many species of birds including spectacular Kingfishers. Catamaran trips in the sea and boat trips in canal can be organized. From November to April, diving facilities are available in this quaint village. The streets on either side of the Hotels are dotted with Souvenir Shops, Restaurants etc. Rest of the day at leisure. 
Overnight stay at Jetwing Blue Oceanic Hotel/The Beach, Negombo. 

Day 02 After breakfast proceed to Muneeshwaram Temple, Chilaw. (Approximately 01 & ½ Hrs Drive) Muneswaram Temple,Chilaw. 
* Lord Rama after his victorious battle left for Ayodhya in one of King Ravana”s vimana.He felt he was being followed by bramhaasthi dosham as he had killed King Ravana who was a Brahmin.At this place he felt bramhaasthi dosham is not following him he stopped the vimana and asked God Shiva for remedy. Lord Shiva blessed Lord Rama and advised him to install four lingams and pray to get rid of the dosham.Thereafter proceed to Mannavari Temple. (Approximately 20 Minutes Drive) Manaweri Temple. 

* Manavari is the first lingam installed and prayed by Lord Rama and this lingam is called Ramalinga Shivan. Thereafter proceed to Kandy,En rout visit to Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage. (Approximately 05 & ½ Hrs Drive) 

* Pinnawela Elephant Orphanage
- App. 55 miles from Colombo, off the Colombo - Kandy road is Pinnawela, where an orphanage was started in 1975 to house the abandoned and the wounded elephants. The number of elephants has increased to more than 65 now; including Baby Elephants brought from various parts, as well as some of the more then 25 babies born, as a result of the captive breeding programme. The best time to visit is the feeding time from 0930-1000 hrs and 1330-1400 hrs and the bathing time from 1000-1030 hrs and 1400-1430 hrs when all the elephants are taken to the river close by. Overnight stay at Hotel Topaz/Mahaweli Reach Hotel,Kandy.

Day 03
 After breakfast proceed to Nuwara Eliya,En rout visit to Sri Baktha Hanuman Temple,Ramboda Sri Baktha Hanuman Temple,Ramboda – (Approximately 01 & ½ Hrs Drive) On these hills of Ramboda where Hanuman was searching for Setadevi, Chinmaya mission of Sri Lanka built a temple with Hanuman as the presiding deity. On every full moon day special pooja”s are conducted and witnessed by thousands of devotees. Thereafter to Mani Kattuther at Labukalle Estate. Manikattutheru – (Approximately 30 Minutes Drive) This is a rock in the Labukalle estate. Lord Hanuman met Setadevi and on his way to announce this happy information to Lord Rearrested on this hill top. The hill where Lord Hanuman is believed to have rested after meeting Sitadevi is known as Mani Kattuther. Check in at the hotel. Evening visit to Gayathri Peedam in Nuwara Eliya.
Gayathri Pedam It is believed to be the place from where King Ravana”s son Meghanath propitiated Lord Shiva with penance and poojas and in turn was granted super natural powers by lord Shiva. Return to hotel. Overnight stay at Jetwing St Andrews Hotel/Grand Hotel (New Wing), Nuwara Eliya.

Day 04 After breakfast proceed to Bandarawela,En rout visit Seetha Amman Temple,Seetha Eliya. Seetha Amman Temple, Seetha Eliya. – (Approximately 20 Minutes Drive) The stream that runs from the hill, catered to the needs of Sitadevi during her stay at Ashoka Vatika.She said to have bathed in this staram.Now there is temple for Lord Rama, Sitadevi, Luxshmana and Hanuman by the side of this stream. It is interesting to note that foot prints akin to Lord Hamunams are found by this river and some are small size and some are of large size Thereafter proceed to Divurumpola situated in Nuwara Eliya Welimada road. Divurmpola (Approximately 01 Hrs Drive) Divurmpola means a place of oath. Sitadevi, after her liberation from King Ravana underwent a test to prove here chastity by offering herself to fire. However she came unscathed and proved here holiness. 
Check in at the hotel. (Approximately 01 & ½ Hrs Drive) Overnight stay at Bandarawela Hotel,Bandarawela. 

Day 05 After breakfast proceed to Ella to see Ravana Ella & Ravana Cave.(Approximately 40 Minutes Drive) 
* Ravana Ella Falls - a nice waterfalls of 1080 feet high (breaks into several falls) close to the road from Ella to Wellawaya about 6 Km south from Ella. The stream, a tributary of Kirindi Oya plunges with a foaming spray over a series of ledges into the valley close to a road bend. The waters rise from Wewatenna highland above the rocks. In general the rocky underground of the waterfalls in Sri Lanka consists of hard gneiss or granite, but here the material is khondalite, a kind of limestone which undergoes decay faster. Thus there are caves near the falls. King Ravana of Ramayana legend is said to have lived in one of the caves above the waterfalls. Ravana Cave These tunnels prove beyond doubt the architectural brilliance of King Ravana.These tunnels served as a quick means of transport through the hills and also as a secret passage. These tunnels networked all the important cities, airport and dairy farms. A close look at these tunnels indicates that they are man-made and not natural formations. Thereafter proceed to Kataragama. (Approximately 03 & ½ Hrs Drive) Check in at the hotel. Overnight stay at Priyankara Hotel/Madara Rosen,Kataragama. 

Day 06
 After breakfast visit to Kataragama Temple to worship.
* Kataragama – in the deep south of the country is a shrine dedicated to God Skanda (Murugan) the God of Love and War and is believed as a Devala started in the 2nd Century B.C. by King Dutugemunu (167 –137 B.C.). Today Kataragama is a place of worship for Buddhists, Hindus and some Muslims. This is a very popular place of pilgrimage for south Indian Hindus as Kataragama God came from India, married a Jungle Girl and lived here. When his Indian wife came in search of him he refused to go back. All of them lived here happily. There are separate shrines for the two wives Tevani Amman Kovil for the Indian wife and Valli Amman Kovil for the Sri Lankan wife. During the month of July a 10-day festival is held here with the Perahera, Fire walking, hanging on hooks and other penance’s. The best time to be in the Devala is at the time of the Pooja (Offerings) to see the rituals and the Virgin Dancing girls offering light and dancing in the Devala. Thereafter precede Ussanggoda. (Approximately 02 Hrs Drive) 
Ussanggoda. According to Ramayan,after meeting Sitadevi Lord Hunuman decided to test the strength of the mighty King Ravana and his army of Rakshasas.In the event that unfolded Lord Hanuman’s tail was set on fire by the rakshasa’s,Who in turn went on to torch some parts of King Ravana’s empire.Ussanggoda is one of the torched areas, which is said to have been an airport used by King Ravana. There after proceed to Colombo, En route visit to Rumasela,Galle. (Approximately 03 & ½ Hrs Drive) 
Rumasela. At different points of time during the war both Lord Rama and Lakshmana were hit by a powerful arrows,fell unconscious and to bring them back to life Lord Hanuman was instructed to fetch the life saving herbs from Himalaya.Hanuman went to the hill ,lifted the whole hill and brought it,as he was not able to identify the life saving herbs alone. Parts from the hill fell on five places in Sri Lanka,namely,Rumasala,Galle,Dolukanda in Heripitiya,Ritigala on the Habarana Anuradhapura road,Thalladi in Mannar and Kachchativu in the north. Thereafter proceed to Seenigama Tempel,Hikkaduwa. (Approximately 20 Minutes Drive) 
Seenigama Tempel,Hikkaduwa. The southern most part of Sri Lanka is called Dondra and further up towards west is called Seenigama Hikkaduwa.These are the places from where Sugreeva king of the Vanara’s started his onslaught on King Ravana’s forces. Thereafter proceed to Panchamuga Anjaneyar Temple. (Approximately 04 Hrs Drive)
Panchamuga Anjaneyar Temple. * A temple dedicated to Anjaneyar in Sri Lanka. * The only temple in the world to have a chariot for Anjaneyar. Overnight stay at Grand Oriental Hotel/Cinnamon Grand, Colombo. 

Day 07 After breakfast commence tour of Colombo including shopping. 
* Colombo - a drive through the city taking you to the busy commercial areas as well as the tree-lined residential, Cinnamon Gardens. Visit Fort, the former British administrative center and military garrison, Sea Street - the Goldsmith's quarters in the heart of Pettah, the Bazaar area, where is also a Hindu Temple with elaborate stone carvings and the Dutch Church of Wolfendhal dating back to 1749. The historic Dawatagaha Mosque and the former Eye Hospital are two buildings in Cinnamon Gardens worth looking at. Also visit the BMICH, see the replica of AvukanaBuddha and the Independence Square. Thereafter transfers to airport to connect departure flight. (Approximately 01 Hrs Drive) 

Package Cost: Rs.29,000/- Per Person.

: All Meal, All transfer & Sight seen as per plan, Twin Sharing Accommodation. 

 Air fare & any other thing. 

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